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SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

The easiest and yet most efficient way to save the picture (remove unwanted object, scratches, spots or imperfections)
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24 May 2013

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This tool helps retouch photographs and improve them.

It is not possible to take perfect photographs all the time, whether you are a professional photographer or not. Photos involving building and scenes may have people moving in front of crucial areas of the scene. Alternately, when pictures of people are taken then the flaws in the skin, skin color, lighting splotches can spoil a shot. This is a tool that helps take care of many of these problems. This software has the tools that can correct the problems that appear in the shots. Scratches, spots can be filled up, film grain and digital noise effects can be removed and damaged areas and erase marks, etc. could be easily taken care of. With the intuitive interface, all it takes are a few clicks to take care of all these issues. People or unwanted objects could also be easily removed.

With a landscape or building, particularly at tourist spots, a shot could easily be spoilt by a straying tourist, electric wires, a passerby, moving or parked cars, obstructing heads, hands and legs. This tool is able to automatically analyze a shot and repair the blemishes, fills the crack and removes the noises. This tool also allows photographs of individuals to be improved. Skin imperfections and retouching portraits is simple with the interface available. Imperfections like scars, pimples or freckles can be cleaned up. It can take care of the color of the teeth, white eye balls, dark shadows on the face and create smooth skin tones. Restoration of older photos is another area where this tool could be used effectively. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

If you are not a professional photographer (or even if you are), it is not always possible to take a clean picture. People or unwanted objects are the things that can spoil a really good shot, but don't hurry and delete it. You can easily resolve this issue and "save" the picture with a special tool by SoftOrbits.
SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher allows you to remove unwanted people and objects from pictures without leaving the slightest trace. Thanks to the latest technology, this program automatically analyzes the image, and fills in the blank area with the original background. SoftOrbits' Photo Retoucher is also designed to work with other tasks: removing skin imperfection, cleaning up film grain and digital noise, removing scratches and spots, reconstructing damages images, etc. Try Photo Retoucher now and see what it has to offer!
SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher
SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher
Version 1.3
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